10 lip balm survival tips

There is something very gentle about applying lip balm or lip cream to your lips. Regardless of time or weather, the moisture it adds and the protection it provides make people feel better.

Even if your lips are the only thing that will benefit from this blog now, lip balm is a highly recommended item to include in your bug out bag. After all, it occupies such a small amount of space.

However, the greatest advantage in making sure that there are several lip balm tubes in your survival bag are the many uses you can get out of them in any kind of survival situation.

Yes, it is such a small item, but it can fulfill many purposes before and after a crisis. And, as you all know, the more multipurpose items you put in your bag, the better it is when the store is closed or there is a bare shelf.

Below is a list of these uses. My guess is you probably have some up your sleeve too. Let's get something obvious out of the way from the beginning:

Healing lip ache. Protecting your lips is even more important when you spend more time outdoors. This is likely to happen during an event. The lips are dry, cracked, broken and very uncomfortable. This moisturizer provides firm relief and works as a prophylactic.

What can lip cream do more than for your lips? It can be used on your hands, especially during times that may be subject to more elements than normal. Lip cream helps moisturize and will help heal scrapes on your hands so that you will definitely notice a difference.

Mitigate hand and foot blisters. Lip cream is particularly effective when catching before the blister develops. As soon as you feel a blister come on hands, feet, or other areas, apply lip cream every few hours.

Spread on your face in the cold, to avoid heat loss. You do not want to mask the face, but having a thin layer on the cheeks and forehead during cold weather will help keep things getting bad outdoors. It also helps to prevent frostbite.

On the other hand, if you are concerned about the exposure of the sun, lip balm also acts as a sunscreen regardless of temperature. But keep it away from your eyes.

Prevent corrosion of a knife blade. Just like you, your survival knife spends more time outdoors when you escape from a disaster. Rust becomes faster when exposed to elements, especially moisture. However, lip balm makes sure your blade does not rust.

Clean glasses. Use lip balm on the lenses of your glasses (regular and sunglasses). And polish with cloth. Not only does it help to keep the glasses clean, it also reduces fogging.

Start a fire!  If you rub lip cream on what you are using as tinder for fire such as Q-Tips, cotton balls, cloth etc., it helps to catch fire more easily.

If you have a stuck zipper. Not anymore. Lubricate zippers with lip cream.

Waterproof leather. Leather items do not like rain or snow, but if you are in a bind, you can rub the lip balm on them to protect them from moisture.

And there you have it. Lip balm is essential to every survival bag!