Different ways to use Lip Balm!

Talk, laugh, call out, or kiss - our lips are always working. Routine lip care and hydration are indispensable for lovely lips. Lip balm is for smoothing dry lips. However, now Lip Balm has gone beyond the basics.

Ignorance in a makeup routine can be changed forever and you can save time by carrying lip balm. It’s a quick fix item and, it can be used for almost everything. Lazy people will love to hack this amazing product and make it all day. It promises to be a space saver and it can be an important pickup item in your bag of goods.

Do you know that your lip cream has secret magical abilities? Surprisingly, here is the pinpoint for using lip balm.


Apply lip cream before painting eye shadow for a shining appearance. It is a wonderful way to color your eyes.

If you are running low with an eyebrow gel, tap some lip cream on your eyebrow to keep the hair in place.

Apply a small amount of lip cream and hydrate the area of ​​your eyes with fine lines.

If you are overworked, cover some lip cream on the coarse portion of your hand.

Apply lip cream to your nails and cuticles.

Make your perfume last longer with just a little lip cream on your wrist or anything before spraying.

Lip balm on your cheekbones to enhance natural light.

A thin layer of lip balm around the hairline will prevent the color of your skin from hair dye stains.

Apply lip cream before applying nail polish to your cuticles for clean application.

Treat dry skin from blowing your nose (from the cold) with a little lip cream on the skin around the nostrils.

Wiping lip balm can cover eyeliner smudges on the eyelid.

When your new shoes hurt you. Rub lip balm on the blister as a screen between your skin and shoes.

An obvious advantage - say goodbye to the flaky lips- hydration packed formulas for "perfect plump lips".

Note - The ingredients of lip balm are not simply absorbed but are actually ingested. When struggling with dry lips, please choose a natural lip balm. Petroleum based lip balm gives a coating on your lips giving a smooth and warm feel, but in fact it does not penetrate the skin to solve the drying problem.