Beeswax or Petroleum Based Lip Balm? The Choices We are Faced With.

If you ever get dry or chapped lips then the winter season isn’t the best time of year, it can be very uncomfortable. When you reach for your favorite lip balm you want to make sure you made the right choice. If you have cracking, chapped or dry lips then you need to be careful about what products you choose so you don’t aggravate the problem and make it worse. The main two contenders in the field are, Beeswax and Petroleum based products.

Beeswax: This 100% organic product is made by domesticated honey bees as part of the process when bees make their hives and beeswax has been used by mankind throughout the ages as balms and salves. If you apply a layer of the wax to your lips or other skin, it will create a seal retaining the moisture and help from drying out.
Unfortunately, today the honey bee population has declined significantly, therefore Beeswax could become a rare commodity causing the price to go up (even more). In theory if bees became extinct this product would eventually cease to exist.

Petroleum Jelly: This product has been used on lips since the late 1870’s. It proves that it’s useful as a balm and a salve for dry skin. The same as beeswax, it is applied to the skin to seal in the moisture and to protect any cracks or sores from dirt and bacteria.
However, Petroleum is a non-renewable resource and could become contaminated. Use caution when applying petro products as too much to the lips the product is susceptible to ingestion and can lead to an upset stomach and in worst case, even diarrhea.